SEO-onpageWe do this because, to even a good optimized page with good lyrics, a responsive Web design and semantically correct code not ranker, if it has no references from other pages. If you need help with your on-page SEO Expert Burbank.

But links in itself will not solve all problems – if the things we mention above does not ring a Bell with you are links not there, you need to use your forces right now.

Summer is upon us and if you get a little more time to optimize your page, at least if you’re selling to other businesses, going on summer holiday industry.

We have your todo-list ready in the form of 6 important points for your onpage-SEO including – all the things you have control over and which is not about links!

302 to 301 redirects

302-redirectet is used by default by many systems – and sometimes comes some also to make them instead of 301 redirects manually.

For the user, there is no difference – but it is there for you. 302 redirects sends no “link value” as opposed to a further 301, which transfers the full value as a starting point.

There are several tools that can help you find all your 302 redirects, including A1 Website Analyzer and Screaming Frog.

Find all your 302 redirects – and unless you have a good reason to leave it, so change them all to 301 redirects instead. Create your CMS automatically 302 redirects you should hire a programmer to change on this.

Compress your images (fully automatic)

Heavy and uncompressed images provide a poor user experience, since they take a long time to load, especially if the user is sitting on a smartphone with limited power and data rate.

Therefore, you also have a specific SEO benefit to be gained by automatically compressing all images on your page. It can easily happen if you are using WordPress as a CMS; as barely a third of all the world’s websites today.

You can download a plugin named “Kraken” and pay 5 dollars for each month that you want to use the compress operation on all the images the Kraken. you already have on your page and all you while you have a subscription to upload. You can just buy access once a quarter and then get compressed all your pictures here, but it should not be the 5 dollars that fall over your budget.

Are you using not WordPress you can either compress your pictures manually or find similar solution as the Kraken to exactly your system.

Fast loading is equal to good user experience – and it can be felt in the search results.

Write articles on the basis of questions on your page

Do you have a search function on your page is there gold and waiting, you collect it up!

You have the opportunity to write articles based on exactly what your users have typed into the search box — and the hv-words, incidentally, users have used to enter on your page, which you can view in the old Analytics data and updated Google AdWords data.

FAT type pen and write so many good articles you can – each can bring visitors and thus potential customers into your page each and every day going forward.

You can also find excellent data to write posts from in comments on your page, emails coming in and other areas, where users have the ability to get in touch with you.

More unique and velskrevent content will always be a strong asset to your page. Would you not even the task you may want to find a fixed text writer to help you instead.

Right duplicate title tags and descriptions

Have you set your site up against Google Webmaster Central allows you to view any warnings and alerts from Google to you.

A warning can be if Google thinks you have many unnatural links towards your site. You can also get more friendly messages on that you have a lot of duplicate title tags – it will say that your titles are identical on different pages. Title tag is one of the most important signals to Google about what a page is about – why should it be unique for every page.

Google Webmaster Central provides you with a complete list of all pages with duplicate titles – then it’s just up to you to get them fixed a for a.

Remove blank pages – Panda framework in June 2015!

We wrote a few days ago about how Google has promised a new Panda-update in June 2015.

Are you ready for it? If you cannot press the link above and view the four things you need to have a handle on yesterday rather than today.

One of the most important thing is to get rid of “blank pages” from your home page. It is often the pages generated by your Content Management System like WordPress, as no unique content. It can be e.g. archive, author and category pages.

You have the opportunity with your robots.txt to ask Google not to index specific pages.

To remove your empty pages from Google’s index is just one of four things you should do now – click the link above to view and respond to the 3 other things while there is time. It is (very) cheaper than cure, also when it comes to a penalty from Google’s mad Panda

Remembered responsive Web design?

Last but not least, we are not talking anymore about when we get more visitors from mobile phones than from “regular” computers.

It is in fact already happened.

Now we are talking about how we get just as much (or more) out of the mobile users.

A prerequisite for getting value out of 50% of your visitors today is that you have a mobile-friendly page – in practice a responsive Web design.

Have you not got it implemented goes you already now probably went of 1/3-1/2 of your potential traffic.

Have you already made your responsive design, you can check with Google’s own tool here, though it now also technically sits right in the closet – and what you may need to correct for the fact that Google is satisfied.